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 In math we were learned about intercepts .some people never did it before but i did it last year and never got it but now that we redo it and i understand it now and now i understand that it was so easy. Advertisements

about essay

I have composition and we were have been retyping our essay.  https://docs.google.com/a/boyslatin.net/document/d/15r5qThYBJpJJwMHTtN2bHHAFDO3mfQHbxjVCops6OCc/edit I talked of my Grand Ma who has cancer. We had to send it to our partners. what i want to know is why didn’t we just start that at the first day?


In my school we have a performance class the teacher does acting ,stage design, and scripts. I’m in acting and we have to do a monologue. My monologue is about the owner of a place called burgertorium and the he is telling his employees about how he do business which is care less told by … Continue reading


In Mr.Reynolds class we were watching the odyssey. We was watching it because people didn’t do good when we were doing our notes from the packet. Watching the movie I notice i got a lot of things wrong on my notes. My question is can we do start doing notes like that sence to me … Continue reading

professional 4

In civics we was watching a video i think it was a video about bush meat in some place. I think it was interesting but also nasty because people was eating monkeys and birds and other forest animals. What i want to know is why do people died from it?


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troy_(film) so far in the movie the Trojan warriors fault because the prince almost died when fighting I don’t remember  the man name but he was fighting for the queen and lost and while the Trojans was at victory Achilles went for the girl he found at a thumb with the other soldiers.

what to do with myself

What I want to do with my life I want to do track but my dad want me to do crew so I might do that. After I get out of school I want to go to the military i’m thinking of going to the military for at least a year or until I get … Continue reading

about me

In my past I played football for the Gators. I’m currently in Boys Latin Charter School. In the future i want to be in the military.