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A little heads up for the people failing 2 or more classes. If you did not know you get to know now. REPORT CARDS ARE IN A FEW WEEKS! I REPEAT REPORT CARDS ARE IN A FEW WEEKS! and it’s not the good few weeks because  first the week is going to go by fast. … Continue reading


Friday my step dad my brother and I are going to a basketball game. Were going to see the 76ers game. I think It will be good because I never went anywhere with them. What I want to know would they win this game against whoever they playing?

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Their things we know we know, things we know we don’t know, things we don’t know we known, and things  that we don’t know unknown. ex: . We know school which is know. . We know demons, spirits, and gods which is unknown . I cant think of something i don’t know that i know … Continue reading

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I promised one of my mom friends who took pictures for my family for a while that one day i’m going to make a post about his website and i want to do it now before i forget. his website is http://www.essenceofphotography.net/mp_includes/body.asp  he does wedding pictures,class pictures and etc. he even has a class of students … Continue reading

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Back to the game of clash of clans i play with students from school and its kinda helping me make new friends by sharing clans from people in school. I think it would be good for making a bond in school but that is just my decision i don’t think other people think that. I … Continue reading

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I play this game called clash of clans. Its about creating your on village and attacking people and making clans like the Greeks.  To me i think this is and addictive and fun game and i think people should plays this.

free form

For my free form i’m going to talk about what i’m going to do for my after school class. I’m thinking about doing chess or probably going for debate club. or doing the designs for the play if they need help or the choice to do bowling if i’m not doing a sport. if they … Continue reading