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BL Trimester

currently people were talking about the end of the trimester coming up n grades are do for all classes are do Monday or Friday. Next Friday your electives change and you can change your schedule.why do school go by so fast? Advertisements


Friday me my mom step dad and little brother went to the 6ers game. They played the bulls and I don’t know who won cause i left early. But I seen a couple people i know which was rear to happen. What I want to know is what was the score win I left  and … Continue reading

BL announcements

The Boys Latin 9th grade has school on Wednesday because of freshmen spirit night. I heard its not really going to be school work but i don’t believe them because they said all we’re going to do is play games in our classes. we also getting out early on Friday because of Halloween now we … Continue reading


currently on a.o.t for the people who watch it. the episode is called smile it start with Annie is waking up and she is in the military police and her team has to protect the supplies so they can move them. Armin sees Annie and ask for help and tell her that if she don’t … Continue reading


Saturday me and my dad went to one of my friends game i don’t know the name of names of the teams but we were at cheltenham high school. Saturday it was cold and it was the second quarter and somebody started shooting fireworks at must have been at least  a hundred firework because the … Continue reading

animal lost

half the generation of animals were lost.i think most of the animals died from hunting by other animals and humans and died by disease. what i want to know is the actual cause of the deaths? i went on to telegraph.co.uk and they said it was because of human growth which killed the animals which … Continue reading

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http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/08/16/212006020/nothing-racist-implied-in-obama-act-says-rodeo-clown Critics of the act believe there’s no room for what they see as such offensive conduct. I think it is racist because they used the face as a black person to fight a bull. my question is if the Obama mask  is not suppose to be offensive the what did it mean then?

current event

mayor nutter decided to sign a pot bill. they said you only have to pay a $100 fee if you get caught selling pot. my opinion is it has nothing to do  with me and i don’t care what people do with their life. question is what made mayor nutter make this choice for use.