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BL Trimester

currently people were talking about the end of the trimester coming up n grades are do for all classes are do Monday or Friday. Next Friday your electives change and you can change your schedule.why do school go by so fast? Advertisements

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A little heads up for the people failing 2 or more classes. If you did not know you get to know now. REPORT CARDS ARE IN A FEW WEEKS! I REPEAT REPORT CARDS ARE IN A FEW WEEKS! and it’s not the good few weeks because  first the week is going to go by fast. … Continue reading


http://supportfordell.iyogi.com/news/dell-unwraps-new-lineup-windows-8-users.html With Windows 8 release around the corner, every computer maker is busy launching new devices that support Microsoft’s latest offering. Starting at a base price of $1,199.99, delivers the best productivity and entertainment experience right at your fingertips.my question to this is would people actually by a computer that you just flip and becomes a … Continue reading


Friday me my mom step dad and little brother went to the 6ers game. They played the bulls and I don’t know who won cause i left early. But I seen a couple people i know which was rear to happen. What I want to know is what was the score win I left  and … Continue reading


 In math we were learned about intercepts .some people never did it before but i did it last year and never got it but now that we redo it and i understand it now and now i understand that it was so easy.


Friday my step dad my brother and I are going to a basketball game. Were going to see the 76ers game. I think It will be good because I never went anywhere with them. What I want to know would they win this game against whoever they playing?

Sony computer

http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/05/25/in-2020-we-can-wear-sony-computers-on-our-wrist/ I don’t know if it’s new to other people but it is new to me. It’s the Sony computer you wear it on your arm and has extended keyboard. Sony computer also has an camera. My question is did this computer come out and I’m late or I’m just on?